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Since - 1878... 

A member of Orrell & Winstanley Community Sports Club

Created for the Community still Working for the Community

Winstanley Park Cricket Club




Since our last update, there has been a lot going on regarding our Joint Venture to achieve a new home for both ourselves and our JV partner……….  In a nutshell, we will access the land in October 2019, prepare the pitches between June and October 2020, ready for playing rugby September 2021 and the start of or mid 2022 season for cricket, with the overall organisation structure in place by the end of 2018! 


Key to all of this is the fundraising we are all doing.  Both clubs need to provide ‘additionality’ in support of all our grant submissions (to demonstrate that all our members are committed to seeing the project through to a successful completion) and therefore inspire confidence within the grant authorities.


Overall Project Status

We’ve had strategy meetings; fundraising meetings, branding meetings looking at how we promote and sell ourselves; meetings with our solicitor and the farmer’s representatives to secure our possession of the land - which we are very happy to report is now progressing and we should secure possession of the land in October/November 2019.


Construction will now begin in June 2020 on both rugby pitches and hopefully finish around October 2020.  The cricket square sowing itself is anticipated to start in late August/ September 2020. 


The project has also received fantastic support from local community organisations, who have provided us with Letters of Support.  These will be a great boost to our funding bids and would greatly enhance our applications.


Organisational Structure

So, who is going to run/organise these pitches now that we are on our way in progressing the construction?  Well, as we said above, we’ve been holding strategy meetings to review all these things.  We have decided to put our application for Charitable Status on hold until our facilities are more established, but we are still applying for CASC status in the meantime (as a Community Amateur Sports Club). The rules state its main purpose must be to provide facilities for and promote participation in one or more eligible sports. It must be non-profit making, be open to all and not pay its players, - although expenses may be paid. Benefits accrue from Local Authority rate relief and ‘tax back’ payments from any Gift Aided donations.


In moving to CASC status the timescale means that Orrell RUFC will be incorporated as a rugby section and WPCC will be incorporated as a cricket section within OWCSC on 1st November 2018.  Both “sections” will lose their individual legal entity on that date but Orrell RUFC will continue to play rugby under that banner and WPCC will continue to play cricket under their own banner.


The top-level structure of OWCSC is being discussed at a JV meeting on October 12th. Sub committees will also be structured, and we will be looking for willing volunteers to sit on the sub-committees for both rugby and cricket (or both).




Orrell and Winstanley Community Sports Club Rugby Section Update

Discussions and meetings have been held with the RFU who are very supportive of the project and the proposed design and will help with funding and grant support.  The conditions laid down by the planners will be finalised and addressed with completion of these anticipated by May 2020.  The final surveys for the design and construction of the fencing will begin from October next year through to March 2020.   The above work will then allow the rugby section to prepare the land for the 2 rugby pitches between June and October 2020 ……………… ready for rugby in September 2021!


Orrell and Winstanley Community Sports Club Cricket Section Update

There was also a recent WPCC meeting with the ECB/LCF, which was extremely positive.  The ECB/LCF are also very supportive of the project; the cricket ground design and the likelihood of getting grant support - particularly if in 2020 fiscal year - which fits in nicely with the timescale above.   You may or may not know, that the ECB recommends 18 months to 2 years to create a mature square so, if blessed with good autumnal conditions for seed germination, WPCC may start playing in either April 2022 - mid 2022 or at the latest the start of the 2023 season.  WPCC still have a three-year window on their current facility from date of initial land access which sees them through to the end of the 2022 season.



Our fundraising is progressing well and between both clubs, we have secured some donations and pledges but now we have our timeline, both clubs need to step things up further from now so that we meet our target of £200K “additionality” by the time grant submissions are started in September 2019.


So, how can you help?  Well you could support the next big fundraiser which is the Orrell and Winstanley October Beerfest (aka Beer, Gin & Prosecco Festival) at Holland Hall on 20/21 October - full details are available on the website but anyone wishing to get involved (maybe help pull a few pints) should contact Orrell RUFC’s Glynn Worley via email at


Other events you could support include our Bonfire Night on 4th November; the dinner dance on 24th November; Orrell RUFC Sports Dinner in March next year or the Orrell RUFC golf day or the (new to the calendar) Ascot Ladies Day (to be held at Houghwood Golf Club… no travel to Ascot required just a chance to dress up and pretend we’re at Ascot) ….. or you could just donate a sum of money to the pot - especially if you haven’t responded to our brochure appeal of last year; please revisit what we are trying to achieve - we need your help to build on our funds.  Make your pledge or donate now!


Alternatively, please volunteer to help us with our fundraising or by organising an event or just spreading the word about what we are trying to do.  Whatever it is, please get involved and help us not just raise the monies we need but achieve our ambition of a new home for both clubs and provide a facility and legacy for the community of Orrell & Winstanley and beyond. 


If you would like any more information or details on any of the above (or the project in general) please contact either Mike Shore or Tony Dillon at WPCC or Tony Havlin at Orrell RUFC.


Working together – we can achieve!

Working together we can provide a legacy for the community of Orrell & Winstanley!

21st March 2018


LCF and ECB Management are viewing the site on March 27th to discuss our overall ground design and intended facilities.
Subject to their approval the square will have 9 senior and 2 junior wickets,  - outfield and square are both ECB compliant so if in the fullness of time we wish to apply to the Liverpool Competition the ground will be fully compliant to their requirements.  The current scheduling suggests our first matches will be played up there in April 2022.

The end result will be a fabulous facility for us but fund raising is key, we need to keep driving it forward, -  this is the only  future for Winstanley Park Cricket Club. If you haven't donated yet, please do to help the cause and become a 'Founding Member'.
All donations are confidential but you need to be aware that the names of all donors to date have been posted in the public domain (request anonymity if you dont wish this to happen).
They and future 'FoundIng Members' will also have recognition as such within the new pavilion or on an outside tabulation at the new site.

Charity status for O+WCSC has been applied for and are hopeful will be granted in the next month or so.
Currently within O+WCSC,  Mike is President, Tony Havlin Chairman with Tony D as Vice Chairman and Cricket Director with Phil as our other cricket rep.

Some members of your Committee will be invited shortly to a seminar of explanation as to how Charitable organisations are structured so we will have more information for you on that shortly.

3rd March 2017
Orrell & Winstanley Community Sports Club A joint venture between Orrell RUFC and Winstanley Park Cricket Club

Now that Wigan MBC has approved our planning application to develop our much-needed Community Sports Club - what happens next?
As you know, the planning decision means that both Orrell RUFC and Winstanley Park Cricket Club will now have a permanent home and an opportunity to boost both our thriving junior sections.
Here’s what will happen over the coming weeks:

We need to start discussions as to the structure of the Community Sports Club, including whether or not to apply for charitable status.
Consultation will commence with the local community to find the preferred/most favoured types of use for the facility. The new management committee will comprise people from both sports clubs and representatives from the community user groups.
The current Steering Group will continue to work with NPS Group Architectural Services, a company with a close association to Wigan Council who are experienced in Sport England standards of construction in accordance with best practice.

Last and by no means least – we need to launch our fundraising campaign(s), including a new brochure “Our Vision – our Field of Dreams”
It is going to be a very busy time so if you would like to get involved in any way, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us at or you can follow both Orrell RUFC and Winstanley Park Cricket Club on Facebook and Twitter


1st March 2017

The Link below will take you to the March edition of Wigan Life - Pages 10 and 12 has an article on Orrell & Winstanley Community Sports Club.

Wigan Life March 2017


Our Field of Dreams is about to become a reality as Wigan MBC today approved our planning application!

Our own Field of Dreams is about to become a reality as Wigan MBC today approved our planning application!

The planning decision means that both Orrell RUFC and Winstanley Park Cricket Club will now have a permanent home and an opportunity to boost both our thriving junior sections.

The new venture will be known as Orrell and Winstanley Community Sports Club.
Once up and running, the facility will be available to other community groups, with a particular focus on providing a sporting outlet for children which will help create a more cohesive and sustainable community.

“Now the hard work begins” said Tony Havlin, Chairman of Orrell RUFC “but we are up for the challenge of raising the funds needed to build our new home and provide facilities, albeit in the future, for not just the rugby and cricket clubs but the wider community as well”.

Tony Dillon, Chairman of Winstanley Park Cricket Club said “yes, it’s going to be hard but the end result will be fantastic for everyone concerned.”

We will be starting the ball rolling with our “Field of Dreams” Trust Fund; asking supporters and members of the Club to become a Community Fund member by donating to the Trust Fund. Any donation - big or small, will mean they will become part of the fabric of this new and exciting community hub.

More details of our plans and fundraising challenges will follow shortly